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A different and fun way to get fit.

My name is Elízabeth Tacoronte and I am  the creator of this new discipline.

After a long journey as an athlete, trainer, Pilates teacher and after studying in depth the type of training that makes people feel better both physically and mentally, SIRENHIIT® was born.

It is a high-intensity   interval training   training that preserves the main bases of Pilates.

A combination of exercises of strength, cardio, elasticity,   fluidity   of movements that follow the principles of control and centralization.

Conscious training where through breathing and concentration, we are able to connect body and mind.

We are aware that physical and mental balance   is achieved thanks to a set of good practices. Of course, physical training is essential, as is  proper nutrition   For this reason, with our program we want you to learn to train but also to eat and finally achieve your desired goals.

We will include many recommendations so that you can organize your daily meals as well as  varied super healthy, nutritious and low-calorie recipes.

I consider myself a lover of healthy cooking and for me one of the greatest pleasures in life, without a doubt, is eating. But yes, you have to learn to eat with awareness and here we want to teach you how to do it. I love to experiment, create textures, mix flavours, learn about the cuisine of each country I travel to and then conceive my own fusion lines. All the ones I share in this course are original and invented by myself. 

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